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Peaceful Parenting Coaching

Peaceful Parenting is a power-packed, 6-week parenting coaching program.
It is based on a new model of parenting that evolves parents as human beings from the inside out and gives them tools to raise their children as joyful, confident and emotionally strong beings.

What you will learn in your Coaching?

Most parents never realise that their own childhood emotional wounds, constant stress, and feeling of unworthiness, fear, and unmet needs directly impacts their child’s mental, emotional, and behavioural well-being.

Parents need to heal their inner wounds first to have a loving, bonding, and healthy relationship with their children.

And as parents get evolved and heal themselves, they are able to remove pain and frustration from parenting.

They are able to positively and dramatically influence their child’s mental, emotional, and behavioural well-being — raising their child as confident, emotionally strong, and happy.

The 6-week Peaceful Parenting coaching program is designed to evolve and heal you as a human being and transform your parenting style.

This combines western science with eastern philosophies and my personal experience in peaceful parenting coaching.

Self Discovery; Acceptance; Awareness; Taking Responsibility; Thoughts; Education; Emotions Changing Vibrations; Forgiveness; Self-love; Being Present in the Moment; Aligned Action

Each of these steps is aligned with every aspect of your parenting — whether it is about managing tantrums, bad behaviours, aggression or building more harmony, openness, and love or building life-enhancing skills like compassion, courage, self-esteem and joyfulness.

As you go through each step you will be able to influence how your child thinks, acts and feels without them even realising it.

I’ll be announcing the dates of the program soon.

Choose to be happy!

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