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— Welcome, I'm Sangeeta

Award-Winning Life Coach, RTT Therapist, Energy Healer, and Akashic Records Reader

Transforming Pain into Power: Empowering Individuals to rewrite their stories and Achieve Joy, Confidence, and Emotional Strength

My journey into transformative work began from a place of personal struggle. Like many, I faced challenges balancing the weight of past traumas and self-limiting beliefs with the demands of everyday life. Feeling overwhelmed by life’s complexities, I embarked on a profound spiritual journey in search of peace and clarity.

Over more than a decade, I studied human behaviour, delving into the intricacies of our thoughts, and emotions, and their profound impact on our reality. Through my own experiences and growth journey, I have gained invaluable insights into the power of love over fear and the transformative potential within each of us.

Drawing from universal wisdom and my healing journey, I have crafted transformative programs to help individuals break free from limiting beliefs, embrace self-awareness, and create a life filled with purpose and joy. I invite you to join me on this journey towards inner peace and fulfilment. Let’s uncover the hidden barriers that have held you back and pave the way for a future filled with love, harmony, and joy.

My journey into coaching and healing started after I healed myself of depression, asthma, UT, fevers, and chronic cold and positively transformed my relationship with my husband and two kids.

I discovered that the parent’s childhood emotional wounds, constant stress, and feeling of unworthiness, fear, and unmet needs directly impact the parent-child relationship.

Over the years I’ve helped dozens of parents like yourself heal their inner childhood wounds to live with more joy and peace, build more loving, bonding, and healthy relationships with their children, ultimately raising them as confident, emotionally strong, and happy beings.

Awarded the Outstanding Leadership Award for her contribution to education and learning, Sangeeta has been helping individuals heal and transform their lives through her unique coaching methodologies and Reiki healing since 2013. Recently, she has become a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), adding another layer of understanding of the mind and how it shapes our reality. Sangeeta’s holistic approach integrates RTT therapy, energy healing, Akashic Records Readings and Coaching to empower clients to overcome their past traumas, release limiting beliefs, and achieve profound personal transformation.

Life Story

Sangeeta’s journey into coaching and healing began after she healed herself from depression, asthma, and chronic illnesses, and most profoundly, from the deep grief of losing her husband. Using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and energy healing, she transformed her life and found peace.

With a focus on RTT and energy healing, Sangeeta helps individuals overcome stress, grief, trauma, and chronic health conditions. Her holistic approach has empowered many to find joy, peace, and improved well-being. She emphasises that healing our wounds is essential to building loving and healthy relationships.

Through her work, Sangeeta guides clients on inner journeys, transforming pain into power and fostering a fulfilling life.

Personal Life Experiences

Sangeeta had polio when she was 2. She couldn’t walk without an iron brace from her hip to my foot. Growing up as a disabled girl was really tough in India. It was taboo. The kids laugh, sneer, and bullied her in school. At the age of 15, Sangeeta was abused. When she got married and moved to the UK, it was challenging for her to get socially accepted.

She felt isolated, alone, depressed, and unworthy. All these experiences got deeply seated into her subconscious and negatively impacted her relationship with her husband, her kids, her confidence, her career, and her health.

Sangeeta never knew that her inner childhood wounds of the past were controlling her present and future. In fact, things turned so bad that Sangeeta went into depression and tried to commit suicide but couldn’t, thinking of her kids.

Fortunately, she landed on a TV channel and, after hearing a spiritual teacher saying, “Challenges are not in your way of happiness but they are your way out…”

In those moments, she had a heartfelt realisation that she has the ability to change her life. She became aware of how her inner (messed) world reflects her outworld.

For over a decade, she studied limiting beliefs, human behavior, subconscious programming, and energy healing. And she transformed her life; people started noticing and got astonished and approached her for help.


Sangeeta is a trained singer and musician. Before becoming a life coach, for the last 12 years, Sangeeta has been a broadcaster on BBC Radio Bristol’s Asian Show, Made in Bristol TV, and BCFM’s One Love Breakfast and Real Woman.

In December 2018, she started her show called “A Peace of Bristol,” which she hosted on her Facebook Page. It is dedicated to helping people live more joyfully, peacefully, and happily. She brings life-transforming stories from across the world to inspire and create a positive ripple!

She recently launched her Youtube channel, Chit-chat, and chai with Sangeeta. Sangeeta finds the greatest joy in bringing peace and joy to her listeners, viewers, and community.

A Peace of Bristol

A movement of peace was started back in December 2018 to create more peace in the world. It was really well received and this led to starting the A Peace of Bristol show on our Facebook Page.

A show that shows how to overcome challenges in a peaceful way. Also we share positive stories from across the world, thus creating a positive ripple!

The First Show On TV​

Sharing tips of well being on made in bristol tv

Every week we welcome sangeeta dewan who is a life coach and a reiki healer.

She talks about how to live joyfully and peacefully and give tips to overcome stress as part of our motivational monday’s.

Inner Peace Programme

Guest on bbc radio show talking about launching my inner peace programme

In today’s world here there is so much chaos, we are feeling stress and suffering from anxiety and feel that’s the norm.

I feel that challenges are part of life but suffering is a choice but I made a choice to grow from challenges and find inner peace. That’s what I am talking about with minreet kaur.

Appeared On ITV West News​

Mental health practitioners are calling for more ethnic diversity within the profession. Sangeeta dewan is a life coach in bristol who sees clients from all backgrounds.