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Transforming Pain into Power:

Transforming Pain into Power

Is Unresolved Grief or Trauma Destroying Other Aspects of Your Life? 

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Ready to Transform Pain into Power with Holistic Healing and RTT Therapy

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Rapid Transformational Therapy

Are you struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one, feeling stuck in a cycle of sadness and pain?

Are past traumas impacting your present life, causing emotional pain and holding you back from true happiness?

Are you constantly feeling overwhelmed by anxiety and finding it difficult to enjoy everyday activities?

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Akashic Records Reading


Do you feel lost or uncertain about your life’s direction, constantly questioning your purpose and path?

Are you seeking deeper meaning and fulfilment in your career or personal life? 

Do you feel stuck in certain areas of your life, unable to move forward despite your best efforts?

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Reiki Healing


Are you suffering from chronic pain that traditional medical treatments haven’t been able to alleviate fully?

Are you struggling with insomnia or restless sleep, waking up feeling exhausted and unrefreshed?

Do you feel constantly stressed or anxious, finding it difficult to relax and enjoy life?

About me

Award-winning Life coach, Hypnotherapist and a Reiki healer

 I’m Sangeeta Dewan, a guide on your inner peace and transformation journey. I wear many hats – a Hypnotherapist, a Reiki Healer, an award-winning Life Coach, and the Creator of the impactful INNER PEACE PROGRAM and PEACEFUL PARENTING. More recently, I’ve added the powerful dimension of Hypnotherapy to my toolkit.

Like every parent, I wanted to give my children the best, but I was getting triggered by people and situations regularly, and the weight of my traumatic past was taking a toll on me.

I just wanted to be at peace but didn’t know where to start, and the feeling of helplessness pushed me onto my spiritual journey.

The greatest gift you can gift your children is raising them as joyful, confident, and emotionally strong beings

Sangeeta Dewan

Happy Clients

What People Say…

“I have been working on my personal development but felt I needed to go deeper into past issues and find out what I could do to make my life easier. Sangeeta has helped me to do this through life coaching, meditation and general help and healing. My heart is already lighter, and I am learning to be a more content and happy version of myself!”
M Abbasipour
Graphic Designer
"I took inner peace sessions with Sangeeta and it made me understand life and others more. I became self-aware and my thought process changed. Her programme is very relevant to daily life and her warm and friendly nature makes it easy to open. Because of the life coaching sessions with Sangeeta, I have become more confident in dealing with life situations and taking up new challenges."
P Poodar
"I'm really thankful to Sangeeta for supporting me when I needed it most. I was suffering from chronic tension, headaches, feeling very low and her inner peace sessions have changed my perception towards life situations and people. Sangeeta’s meditations are very powerful and they uplift me whenever I need a boost of energy. I highly recommend Sangeeta’s inner peace sessions, especially if you are struggling mentally or emotionally."
S Amla