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Love your Imperfections!!!

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My thoughts…

I am sitting on my own, looking at the clouds outside my bedroom window reflecting on life?

A few things happened recently that made me uncomfortable and sad. I asked myself, why do I feel devastated by little things, and I go into deep sadness like something significant is happened. I realised that it’s a trigger that takes me back to my past where I was misunderstood by people who are very close to me?

Sometimes when others think that you are saying or doing things to hurt or manipulate them when you are simply being authentic and coming from a place of love but you can see how they are projecting their feelings onto you. 

See we all have a perception of how we see the world and no matter what’s happening we will only see things through our lenses. Communication is the key to all relationships but at times people hold on to their perceptions without checking the facts or talking to the other person to get clarity.

This is a primary reason for relationships or friendships breakdown and a major cause of unhappiness. There is no judgment as we all do that and I am learning to voice my concerns so I don’t hold on to the anger for long as it only hurts me.

If you are hurting and upset with a loved one, please share your feelings and be open to listening as your perception of the situation might not be accurate. Be willing to forgive yourself and others as this will bring you closer ?

At a time when I go into deep sadness, it takes me back to the childhood trauma that still comes up and pushes me to look at it so I can heal ❤️‍?

Although I have been on my healing journey for over a decade, when my old wound comes up it creates an emotional tsunami…

Every time there is a rejection I revert to my negative thinking patterns and go into a space which is DARK and it creates SUFFERING. It’s like my inner child is hurt again and needs attention and love from others which sometimes doesn’t come ?

I noticed that others don’t understand my pain because they haven’t gone through that experience. My first response is usually to blame them for causing me pain but after contemplation, I realised that my pain is my responsibility and I have to heal so I won’t continue to create suffering. 

I have been practising MEDITATION since 2009 and it helped me tremendously by slowing down my thoughts so I can see my triggers by stepping out of my mind and having a higher perspective. I can observe my thoughts and change them so it brings me back to balance after the initial turmoil. 

I have looked at my beliefs that create negative thinking which leads to emotional reactions. After practising it for over a decade it still trips me up but now I lovingly pick myself up and move forward. 

 I am glad that I took RESPONSIBILITY for my mental and emotional health and slowly it’s becoming easier.

We all have a past that we have to deal with and even with the best intention at times we end up hurting others either with our WORDS, ACTIONS or INACTIONS.

Let’s start working to raise the vibrations by being KIND and COMPASSIONATE to ourselves and others by accepting our IMPERFECTIONS ?

I would love to hear your thoughts…

Sangeeta Dewan

Parenting Coach, Reiki Healer and Author

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